Case Study 1: "I Ain't Getting No Sex"

Its safe to say that this is primarily a problem on the guy side, though to be fair we'll deal with it from the girl side as well. There are two reasons a girl might not be supplying sex, though she would like to. First, she may not be sexy enough to attract attention. In this scenario, illustrated in the chart below, the girl's supply curve is deficient. One can see that it lies below the typical male demand curve - the two never meet.

This means that for each price offered by the girl, the guy is much more willing to pay a higher price to get another girl. Ouch. Like Cinderella, this girl is dirty, forced to clean floors and dishes. She can't wear nice clothes, or makeup, and isn't allowed to go outside. But this girl need not give in. What must she do?

She must raise her supply curve to the point that it will intersect the male demand curve! If you've seen My Greek Wedding, you'll know what we're talking about. Nia Vardalos's character transformed herself from a square diner waitress into a successful and attractive single. Raising one's supply curve may include increasing sex appeal, dressing nicer, revealing a bit more, getting more confident, or learning how to give a better first impression.

The second reason a girl may not be getting sex is that her supply curve is above the average male demand curve. This means her price is too high, no man can afford her. There is no point in providing graphs for this problem, since the solution is very simple. Reduce price. Simply go up to a man and ask him if he wants to have sex.

A man frequently runs into the problem of lack of sex. Almost always his problem is that he cannot provide the price that the average woman is requiring.

The chart illustrates it well - even at his best price our poor nerd does not have a demand curve that intersects with the average female supply curve. What this man must do is raise his demand curve! The good thing about not getting sex is that it gives plenty of time for self improvement. Intuitively, we know that this is the same strategy many nerds follow through their early lives. Knowing they cannot pony up the same price as the jocks and make the requirements for the female supply curve, nerds go into self-imposed exile at libraries and in front of computer screens for the early years of their lives. They realize that by upgrading their minds, down the road they will get well paying jobs that should allow them to intersect the average female supply curve, leaving the jocks in the dust.

In the above chart, our successful nerd has upgraded himself to the point where he has made the female supply curve, and is getting laid. How else can upgrading occur? Gyms are full of men upgrading their bodies, hoping to move up on the supply curve. Keeping good care of hygiene might give a boost as well. The routes a man may take to hit the supply curve are endless.

There is a second and more rare reason a man may not be getting laid: his standards are too high. For each quantity, women require a far lower price than he is able to give. He's got the goods, but he ain't giving.

In this case, women are willing to supply our man with sex, but he has moral or ethical qualms. Though he can easily meet their price, perhaps he is waiting for the right woman. Maybe he has been brainwashed by popular culture into expecting too much from love or the female body. Whatever the reason, his demand curve lies above the supply curve of the average woman. No sex is occurring because the two curves do not intersect. Unless our man doesn't mind continuing along his course, the solution is to get real and lower his standards.

By lowering his standards, he joins the mainstream of the sexonomy and starts getting laid.

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