Case Study 2: "He Left Me Right After We Had Sex"

Usually a girl problem, we'll attempt to explain why this happens using sexonomic theory. Its quite easy to understand. The more you turn a man on, the more you raise his demand for you. Rising demand means an increasing price - he'll spend more time, money, and effort on you, often lavishing gifts and attention. This is illustrated below.

Once you have sex, almost precisely after the act is completed, something happens to a man's demand curve. It sags, deflates, plunging to a very low level. Observe the chart below.

This has a massive, sudden effect on price. Pre-sex, a man is willing to give anything he has to a woman. Just after sex is done, his price is so low that he may no longer wish to pay any price whatsoever. If he leaves you soon after, its because a large part of the price he paid to get sex in the first place was time commitment. With no demand left, he has no reason to pay you in time anymore, so he leaves.

The answer is to find a man who wants more from you than sex. Once his demand for sex is satiated, then other types of demand will kick in.

Next up is a discussion of homosexuality and straight men.