Case Study 3: "A Logical Argument for Why Straight Men should Like Homosexuals"

We suspect this one will be controversial. Despite efforts by the politically correct crowd to make straight men more accepting of those with different sexual preferences, straight men seem to have a basic aversion to homosexual men that no amount of conditioning can change. To be taken from behind by another man goes against a man's most basic instincts, goes the reasoning.

Sexonomists takes the following line: though homosexuality may/may not contradict nature, it is in the best interests of straight men the world over to accept homosexuals and bring their tendencies into the mainstream. Check out the following chart.

This chart demontratates that the acceptance of homosexuality, its movement from under-the-table status to mainstream, benefits all straight men. Why? By relaxing society's norms about being gay, more men will have the courage to migrate over the the other corner; they no longer need to pretend to demand women. This lowers the male demand curve. With less men looking for women, straight men become more rare, and the price they must pay women for sex declines (see the movement on the chart from pre-open closet price to current price). For all the straight guys left, there can be no better scenario. With the rise of homosexuality, the competition for sex is thinner than ever. Straight guys probably have to do less now than anytime in the last thousand years to get sex. All thanks to our homosexual brothers, who have shifted the demand curve down.

The beauty of this argument is it gives straight men a manly reason to accept the existence of homosexuals, a reason that doesn't contradict the masculine ego.

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