The Law of Demand

Demand is the willingness of someone to acquire a service.

Sexonomics simplifies sex and treats it as a service, a commodity with a certain price that is traded between different parties. We all understand marketing gurus when they tell us that sex sells - this is that same idea presented in an simple, theoretical way. One of the major assumptions underlying sexonomics is that all demand for sex is driven by guys, not girls. In other words, guys buy sex, girls do not. "Now wait a moment," you might be thinking. "You're being sexist; girls like to have sex too."

Sexonomists realize that the above assumption is a generalisation. Girls exist who are completely crazy about sex, (Samantha in Sex and the City, for instance) and may have periods in their life when they experiment and demand sex. Sexonomists also admit that some guys have little desire for sex. But in the majority of cases, male demand far outstrips female demand. It is guys who demand sex and girls who offer it when they see fit.

We all know this intuitively. Have you ever wondered why most prostitutes are females? This is because girls don't demand sex. Men have demanded sex for as long as they've been in existence, that's why we call prostitution the oldest profession. And when male prostitutes do enter the business, its not to satisfy female demand. Rather, their clientele is made up of other males.

If the demand for sex wasn't male driven, then how do you explain the fact that thousands of porn sites on the internet cater to men, but very few to women? Or the observation that only males can be found going to strip clubs or renting a porn flick? Have you ever heard this conversation?
Sarah: Let's go shopping for shoes.
Linda: But we always do that, let's try something different.
Sarah: Do you want to rent a porn?
Linda: Oh yeah, that sounds like fun. I hear that the guys in that newest porn all have really big dicks.

This conversation would probably not occur in reality. It's because in general women do not look for sex, and have no real inclination to watch a porn together.

Men understand the nature of demand better than women, because they're the ones who have to walk up and introduce themselves to girls and later initiate sex. A guy quickly learns that a girl isn't going to come up to him and ask him if he wants to do it. If he isn't proactive, then he won't get sex. This is because his sexuality is worth nothing to a girl relative to how much her sexuality is worth to him. He learns that he must demand, and she will supply when she so chooses.

Having established demand in the sexonomy, let's go on to discuss the the demand curve.