Sluts, Bitches, Assholes, and Nice Guys

We will now investigate what happens when people choose to deviate from the going price for sex. Each of these types is an archetype, a gross simplification of how people act.

Imagine that the general market going price for sex in our sexonomy is three dates. Now if a woman puts out on the second date, she might be considered easy by guys, and a slut by other women. Relative to the norm, she is not asking a high enough price in terms of time and commitment for her sexual services.

Because a slut is providing the same amount of sex (see on chart, x units sex) for a lower price than the goody-goody girls, she is undercutting them and stealing their customers. This strategy is not without repercussions. The goody-goody girls often choose to compete head-on by ostracizing the slut, attaching a negative image to her by spreading rumours. Like product advertisements that compete head on (Pepsi vs. Coke), this form of market competition attacks a girl's brand, her marketing potential. These attacks may cause some guys to reconsider paying a low price for the slut - who may now be viewed as damaged goods - and return to paying goody-goody girls the equilibrium price. On the whole though, guys like sluts because sluts help drive down the market price of sex.

If a woman says she wants to wait a couple of months before having sex, she is a cock tease or an ice queen. She is asking for a price that is much higher than the generally accepted equilibrium price. Sometimes she will bitch about it: "You never open the car door for me, you never buy me flowers, you don't spend enough time with me" she complains. These are all attempts to get a better price than the average market price.

In the above chart, a bitch demands much more of her man than other women ask of their men before she'll reciprocate. Men generally don't like this sort of behaviour because it forces them to ante up more to get what they want. Women will generally approve of this sort of behaviour because if this attitude is taken up by enough other women, it will help drive the price of sex up, and women in general will get more.

If a man doesn't provide his share of the bargain, in other words, if he pays a much lower dollar or commits less time than is generally accepted for sex, he is considered an asshole by the woman he has had sex with as well as her friends. The chart below illustrates this.

Society, on the other hand, may view him with admiration. After all, he has managed to get sex at a good price - minimal cost, time, or commitment. James Bond, the man's man, is the perfect example of an asshole, the guy who pays much less than the average man for sex. This is one of the double standards women face - sluts are looked down on whereas assholes are often lionized.

Nice Guys
A man who willingly provides more than his share of the bargain is known as the nice guy by women. The nice guy pays much more for sex than he needs to, thus the tendency for him to be known as whipped by other guys.

Willing to provide unlimited time, sensitivity, listening, and financial resources, the nice guy does far more than is necessary to get laid. Women like this because they get more out of the deal, and his example may force other men to raise their prices in order to compete, providing a boost to the overall price of sex. Men get annoyed by the nice guy because he makes them look bad. They may pressure him to adopt a more masculine stance, (in a similiar way to how women might pressure a slut to change) thus lowering the cost of sex for all men.

This has been a very quick and general discussion of certain archetypes we are familiar with. Next we discuss shifts in supply and demand.