Equilibrium, When a Man and Woman Hook Up

Let's bring our two concepts of supply and demand together.

When the supply curve meets the demand curve, the possibility of sex occurs, and we reach equilibrium. At the equilibrium price, the quantity of sex demanded by the guy equals the amount supplied by the girl. In other words, the guy has paid just enough to make a woman happy, while the woman has made the commitment to supply enough to make the man happy. Obviously the man would like to get a bit more, but the woman is asking for too much at that price. Likewise, the women would like to get a higher price, but the man is unwilling to pay her high asking price. At equilibrium, neither side of the transaction can get happier without making the other side worse off. This is an optimal solution.

In sexonomics, equilibrium is necessary for a strong relationship to develop. Deviations from equilibrium mean imbalances in which one partner gets more than another. Unhealthy out-of-equilibrium relationships will eventually end in a break-up or divorce.

Next we will consider the sexonomy: supply, demand, and equilibrium in the larger context of the market.