Various Letters

Here are a few letters that have been sent to us that we have solved using sexonomic theory.

Dear Sir,
My wife complains that I don't spend enough time on foreplay. Between work and extra-curricular activities, I just don't have enough time to fool around and want to get straight to business. How does sexonomic theory account for this?
Mr. Noforeplay

Dear Mr. Noforeplay,
In our discussion about sex, we mentioned that a man must pay a price to get sex. Some of the components of price that we mentioned included time, commitment, and any innate abilities or characteristics you have that attract her. Foreplay represents selflessness, a willingness to give. It is part of the price of sex your wife expects to receive, and which you are not providing. Check out this chart.

Your wife wants you to provide the time and energy that would bring price up to point A, the price at which she is willing to supply. You are only willing to give up to point B. This is a common phenomenon which we call the foreplay gap.

The only way to fix your problem is to pony up want she requires, more time and energy commitment on your part. You must fill the foreplay gap, no question about it.
Happy to help,
The Sexonomist