The Law of Supply

Supply refers to the quantities of goods or services offered for sale at a particular time or price.

Whereas demand for sex is determined by men, supply of sex is determined by women. A male's sexuality has no value whatsoever. We know this because a male model gets paid waaaayy less than a female model and a male porn actor recieves peanuts compared to the popular female porn stars. Few males can make a living as prostitutes, but female prostitution yields enough income to be a profession. The female body has sexual value. The male body does not. This is just a fact of life.

Women realize around puberty that their sexuality is powerful, it has use value. By putting out, they learn that they can get a price because men want what they have. Their sexuality is a resource, something they conserve and give out only when they receive the right price for it. I'll talk about the intracacies of price later. Thus, women choose to supply sex rather than demand sex.

The supply curve is the sexonomist's next concern .