The Supply Curve for Sex

Let's return to the economic charts. Again we have price on the vertical axis and quantity on the horizontal axis.

In an ideal world, we noted earlier, all guys would like to get as close as possible to the horizontal axis, where price equals zero. In this sweet-spot they get free sex. Women, on the other hand, dream of being as far away from the horizontal axis as possible.

In her ideal world, a woman fantasizes of existing at points 1, 2, or 3 on the chart above. At these points, a woman gets to choose the amount of sex she provides but gets a maximum price for what she supplies, an infinite price. In other words, she desires to get everything she wants from the man she supplies.

In order to understand a woman's preferences, let's illustrate the difference between a women's ideal price for sex, and sex that costs a little less.

At A, a woman supplies 2 units of sex at the highest price possible. At B, a woman supplies 2 units of sex at a slightly lower price. Which will she prefer? The answer is straight forward. At point A, she gets a higher price for herself yet provides the same amount of sex.

Though women will always want to demand a maximum price for sex, in reality this is not possible. If she puts her price too high, no man will be able to afford to have sex with her, and she'll have priced herself out of the market. Other women will compete with her and offer men sex for a cheaper price. Unless she too lowers her price, she'll never be able to survive in the sexonomy. Also, natural constraints, many of which are determined by men's ideals about women, may prevent her from getting whatever she desires. Admittedly shallow, these may include her sex appeal, breast size, and general body shape. Since most women want to have sex, they have no choice but to offer less than a maximum price.

Now let us derive the supply curve for sex.

If the price is 5, a woman will provide as much sex as possible since she is getting a very good price. When price falls to 4, a woman will supply a little less sex because the price is less attractive to her. At price 3, a woman will provide some sex, though not as much as before since the price is not very good. And at price 2, the woman will provide almost no sex at all. Each women has her basement level, so to say, the lowest price she'll accept for providing sex. Below this level, she won't give it up. In the chart above, the woman will supply no sex at price 1 - it isn't worth it to her.

This is an upward sloping supply curve. As price increases, supply of sex increases. As price decreases, supply decreases. In simple English - the greater the benefits of putting out, the more a woman will be willing to supply sex.

Next up is a discussion of price.