Yonic City
Montreal, December 2004

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I once had a conversation about cities with two friends of mine. They said that all modern cities are phallic - buildings pointing out of the ground, light posts thrusting upward etc etc. It made me wonder what it would look like if cities weren't phallic, if they were the opposite of phallic.

Well this how I imagine Yonic City would look like - yonic being the antonym of phallic. Buildings no longer point upward, they plunge downwards into the depths. Would you want to live here?

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Wed Mar 9 13:05:29 2005 from Lispensie < [email protected] >

Looks dangerous. But makes for good visuals. You are a true Artist. Don't find many like you these days. Do you have a deviant art gallery?

Thu Sep 29 13:29:04 2005 from Lope < lope_away at yahoo dot com >

Nothing more yonic than swiss cheese.

Leave your own yonic image. Find an image on the net, go to the comment link on this page, and paste the address into the message body. The code should looke like this:
<img src="http:// the_complete_address_for_the_image "></a>

Thu Sep 29 15:24:02 2005 from Marie < [email protected] >

This is a human brain, seen from underneath; it completly looks like a vagina. /f78c0c43be675901802387545409ebd1/img/brain.jpg

Wed Nov 2 10:59:42 2005 from Lope+Marie

The Yonic-Phallic carrot, which Marie ended up eating.