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This is the last 5 or so years of my art, most of which was created while living in Montreal. I add a new row of five pictures every month or so. Most are experiences from my life, thoughts, dreams, fantasies, and things other people have said that have inspired. I'm hoping to keep on creating pictures for as long as I can. In the end I'll have made an illustrated history of my life, the people I've known, and how we've all changed. I'd like this website to become a living work of art combining my pictures with your thoughts and dialogue. If you feel like it, leave a comment on any of the pictures and it will appear at the bottom of the page. L'introduction est aussi disponible en francais .

Newest work
Highways, Post-Apocalypse
Perfection Excellence Mediocrity
Caged Bird
Maze & Rocket

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
Lope \Lope\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. loped; p. pr. & vb. n. Loping] [See Leap.]
1. To leap; to dance. [Prov. Eng.] ``He that lopes on the ropes.'' --Middleton.
2. To move with a lope, as a horse. [U.S.]

continuum of speed, from the OA Guide to Animal Tracking
stalk-->slow walk-->walk-->trot-->bound-->lope-->gallop

from Moving on Mars: An Overview, by Rony Kubat
"In reduced gravity, humans exhibit a third gait: the lope. Newman et al defines the lope as a run with an extended aerial phase. Humans were found to lope in 3/8ths G in a wide range of speeds from ~ 1.5m/s to ~ 2.3m/s. When loping, people stand on their toes when in the stance phase of a stride."

description of the wolf Buck, from Jack London's Call of the Wild
"He broke into the long easy lope, and went on, hour after hour, never at loss for the tangled way, heading straight home through strange country with a certitude of direction that put man and his magnetic needle to shame."

home/newest art main gallery Lope themes blog what's new? buy prints writing/other bio contact Lope
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