Montreal, June 2005

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One day this summer I was going up in my elevator to work and I realized I had to draw my experience.

Why do we keep on doing something we don't like, have no talent for, have no background in, and provides no social value? Why on a beautiful summer day do we plod into small constricting elevators that whisk us up to our offices, only to stare out at what we're missing? What feeling passes over us as we hear the elevator door open at floor 41, knowing we must enter the fray - the boredeom - the rut - the prison? Why do identify so strongly with these small repetitive tasks we do for the system, tasks that would be taken up by others in a moment were we to quit or die? When most work out there hurts the world rather than helps it, why do we keep on doing it?
I hate to leave such a brooding picture on my site, but maybe someone can enlighten me?

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Wed Oct 19 18:47:07 2005 from chefrandenĀ < [email protected] >

I can't tell you but Daniel Quinn can. Read Ishmael.

Mon Oct 24 12:14:24 2005 from LopeĀ < lope_away at yahoo dot com >

I've read the first bit on Amazon, sounds like it has potential. Ishmael is a gorilla who telepathically communicates with humans. He puts an advertisement in the paper looking for pupils who "Must have an earnest desire to save the world", and thus begins the book.

Daniel Quinn

It seems like some sort of movement is being created by this book, the internet is loaded with Daniel Quinn websites.