Life of Pi
Montreal, November 2005

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See the work in progress page for this image

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Tue Jan 3 05:31:05 2006 from lispensie < [email protected] >


Wed Jan 11 15:35:11 2006 from Yuliya < [email protected] >

Wow this is really really nice...A kind of illustration i would have wanted to make, but i lack the technicals... I hope you have sent it to the contest! i won't be surprised if you win! Have any others? now i don't think i stnd a chance. Great, great work!!! Good luck!

Tue Jan 17 14:22:15 2006 from Lope < lope_away at >

Thanks for the comments. I sent it into the contest, now just a matter of crossing fingers. On va voir.

The process of illustrating ideas or scenes from books is really appealing to me actually - I'm working on one for the book Ishmael right now which is a lot of fun (see here ). If anyone has any books that are important to them, tell me and maybe I'll have the time to make something from it.

Tue Mar 28 12:30:00 2006 from Adamina.

I admire how you can make things work using such dark colours. And how great your perspective is. Cute creatures. What did you think of the book?

Tue Mar 28 12:31:39 2006 from

Nevermind, I just looked at the drawing in progress page.

Tue Mar 28 12:35:28 2006 from

Oh yeah. There's this book called The Saddlebag by Bahia Nakhjavani. It's a finely weaved story of religion and humanity. I read it a while ago and don't remember the specifics, but the imagery was very intriguing.