Montreal, Summer 2001

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Drawing is a psychological tool. I remember reading that the psychoanalysts like Freud and Jung got their patients to draw how they were feeling in order to confront their issues. Unconscious images, they believed, lose much of their meaning when transcribed into words, indeed they may be indescribable. Thus drawing was the best way to confront inner problems.

Whenever I'm feeling frustrated, I draw my frustration. There's nothing more therapeutic. When the picture is done and I've tranferred myself on to paper I feel much better. Kind of like having my own in-house shrink.

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Fri Aug 6 06:50:53 2004 from Gianfranco¬†< [email protected] >

HI, I, too, create my frustration as an art form. I made a sculpture, though. It IS therapeutic and the frustration due to lackof inspiration, paradoxically, turns into creation istself thus alleviating frustration. ciao

Sun Nov 14 22:13:04 2004 from sunny ¬†< [email protected] >

hey nice painting...dark ...but very beautiful in its own way ...anywhooy one comment left ...u need orginiatlity ...this stuff has been done before...look inside yourself to find new things to paint