Reality, Created for You!
Montreal, Early 2003

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Someone once told me their outlook on things.

He said that reality, represented by the swirling lines in the background, is formless and chaotic, lacking all rules. Scientists, writers, and artists glance out at this chaos and create a tapestry, a picture of chaos that seems to make sense. Planets are given orbits, society is given morals, and individuals ideals and dreams. Eventually these creators hope to build a facade of ideas that completely obscures the chaos of reality from view.

We sit back in our comfortable couches and watch these people create their pretty tapestry. Trusting them, we adopt their structured reality of pastels and simple explanations, choosing to avoid glancing beyond the tapestry at the uncertainty of true reality. Fear of chaos, a need for some sort of purpose, and a dream of achieving mastery over reality keep us watching them as they toil.

Of course, that was only his outlook on it all.

Oh, and the cat knows it all.

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Tue Mar 22 05:12:36 2005 from JonesĀ < [email protected] >

waking life, quantum physics, realities and states of being, existence in the realm of no form... just had a lovely discussion regarding these very things- not five minutes before coming to this site. i love your art, the images and language, and your thoughts. having come here blindly (by recommendation on stumbleupon) and randomly engaging in the content, or so i thought, it's experiences like this that keep me in wonder. lovin' life. looking forward to exploring your work. kelly