7:30 AM Monday
Montreal, Mid 2003

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This picture is available as a limited edition hand-painted print. Click here for details.

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Sun Oct 16 23:41:57 2005 from Lynne < [email protected] >

Is any of your work for sale? It's wonderful.

Mon Dec 12 14:51:16 2005 from Lope < lope_away at yahoo dot com >

Thanks, and yes, some work is available. I currently have a limited edition of this very print available here . These are not digital reproductions - I create them by hand with paint and brush.

Wed Jan 18 12:11:19 2006 from Gianfranco  < [email protected] >

I've had the immense pleasure of buying this picture recently from www.lope.ca. Originally I loved it for the sudden feeling of despair I thought it conveyed, but now that I own it and have it right in fron of me, in all it's luminous yellow splendour it, ironically, no longer fills me with feeling of desolation: it has become my guiding light, a warning if you will: I made myself the promise to leave my job the moment I felt like "Dave". I found that rather than feeling despondent I feel inspired... I keep it at my desk at work. Also Lope has added a couple of little "surprises" to the painting, which distinguish it from the other, and which surprised me (pleasantly).