Montreal, February 2000

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Wed Oct 22 11:27:05 2003 from test


Tue May 4 20:03:23 2004 from charles kinsey¬†< [email protected] >

wow again the black,and white.it reminds me of life as a poor man being almost eaten by the beast daily,the beast that barely even knows small me is there.

Fri Nov 26 01:00:55 2004 from SasaSan¬†< [email protected] >

Hey JP, I am quite fond of some of your stuff on this site, some of it has an illustrational quality to it.... Get a portfolio and show it to few people, you can be illustrator on call..illustrate stories or comment on political situation or social probs with local magz or newspaper..have your info left with those agent guys and if they like your style for a specific story they will call you... You can still have your `amazing stock~broker, the money crusader` job and have your art shown outside of this weby realm... BTW, when are you poping by? And when you do, bring that non hugger skank garreth with you... :) stay warm sasa