Whisps of Imagination Explore the Future
Yukon/Montreal, July-August 2004

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Imagine spending 14 non-stop days pedaling on a highway all by yourself. It makes you start to think very linearly - forward and backward. During my bike trip to the Yukon, I thought constantly about my future, not only short term worries like where I would end up at the end of the day, but what I would be doing 10 years down the road, and where the world would be 100 years in the future. It made me think about the nature of predicting the future and how we can't avoid it as humans, how it is a fundamental and useful part of our imaginations.

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Wed Sep 8 22:24:50 2004 from ReversalBarĀ < [email protected] >

Hi Lope, This is a thoughtful picture... creative for sure... what were you thinking when you were drawing this pic? I like your drawings/pictures because they have messages that I can relate to except a few that I need to scratch my head to figure out what I should think of it and whether I should dislike it. lol Nice work! Good luck!

Sun Oct 31 02:09:09 2004 from ZakiĀ < [email protected] >

jpk.. how it goin? once again, you have outdone yourself.. this one is right up there with the alltime greats for me.. zhp

Wed Mar 2 13:01:54 2005 from

Check out this link - Predicting the Future by Eliezer Yudkowsky.

From the article - "The better you can predict the consequences of your actions, the more actions you consider, the more powerful your ability to manipulate reality. Predicting the future is an inherent part of the process of trying to change the future. Self-fulfilling prophecies are the only ones worth making. That is our power... the human gift. It's not quite unique to our species, but it is stronger in us than anywhere else on Earth."

Sun May 28 00:31:20 2006 from firestarling

Very creative. For a non-artist, it's a bit of a 'mind blower' so to speak. I wish I had that creative streak in me!