Yukon/Montreal, July-August 2004

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Wed Sep 8 22:27:33 2004 from ReversalBar

This one I need to scratch my head... because I am not sure what it is... Jungle? What should I think of? A secluded pond where I can get naked and swim? Maybe I can relate to cerebral type of drawings.. 8)

Thu Sep 9 00:43:48 2004 from charles kinsey < [email protected] >

wow the colors are great.that's the most striking feature from the blue car to the green leaves on the far right.then i noticed the details ,and looked closer to see if someone was making love in the grass.then i went back to looking at the colors..

Fri Oct 15 04:00:50 2004 from robin < [email protected] >

sometimes i want to rip my clothes on my way home from work too!

Sun Feb 27 21:43:57 2005 from Von Wiater < [email protected] >

Very beautiful work! I love the colors!

Sat Apr 16 21:17:41 2005 from Torchic

When I look at this, I see someone who has given up on society, and chosen the more natural life.

Mon Sep 19 10:52:09 2005 from Lope

I gave the original of this picture to a very good friend of mine. He once passed by my appartment after a hard day's work and told me how he had imagined jumping out of his office and flying off into the sky. I was at that exact moment drawing this picture - which I think has some of those sentiments in it - and figured he should have it.