The Flower Messiah
Montreal, January 2005

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Mon Oct 17 15:59:32 2005 from Martina¬†< [email protected] >

I guess that roots of all of those flowers are in the ground, it represents tradition and also natural existence. That prophet flower is telling them it can be different. That they can be like him. But is it good for a flower to be in a glass of water? Isn't it artificial?

Can it be interpreted as that people sometimes strive for and accept change not because it's better than what they have but only because it's different? They can swallow any lie. They change themselves in an artificial way. And they lose their natural selves because they don't appreciate what they really are. Can I ask for your interpretation, Lope?

Tue Oct 18 18:58:22 2005 from Lope < lope_away at yahoo dot com >

Thats a great explanation. Like you said the flower in the glass is a prophet figure, the Jesus Christ of flowers. Instead of suffering on the cross he's suffering in a glass of water.

When I came up with this painting, I think I was fascinated with the idea of switching Jesus and the people watching him suffer with flowers, there was something attractive to me about this, something playful but very serious. It just so happens that this replacement opens the whole Jesus story up for different interpretation. I didn't have any root motives beyond this.

I do think though that your comments on the flowers are actually comments on the whole Jesus story, if that helps any. Read what you wrote again and you'll see you've made some interesting comments on Christianity and the positive or negative role of Jesus.

Sat Dec 10 16:17:47 2005 from Esoteric < [email protected] >

This is one of my favorites out of all of your work. It is simple yet very thought provoking. I've looked at all of the work you have up here and I would be hard pressed to find something i didn't really like. I plan to post some of your images on my blog to throw some people(maybe 3 or 4) this way.