Everything is the Same
Montreal, March 2000

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Tue May 4 20:10:10 2004 from charles kinsey < [email protected] >

i agree all symbols ,and things are related ,but not the same.I would like to see it animated

Thu Sep 9 01:13:17 2004 from charles kinsey < [email protected] >

the triangle point up is male the point down is(the cup) female together they make the star of david.thats what i thought of first

Sat Jan 29 19:53:35 2005 from ZHP

.. it would be simple to animate it.

Mon Feb 28 12:59:56 2005 from lope

Yeah, I'm working on it now in Flash. Hopefully I'll have something to show in a month or two.

Sat Oct 29 05:57:32 2005 from Halidom < [email protected] >

Very intriguing. I see it happen all the time.You really have style.