Black Ants
Montreal, April 2000

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When I was really young my family lived in Indonesia. I used to wander into the jungle to climb trees with my friends. One time I was high up in a tree only to find it was covered with black ants. They crawled all over me, in my shorts and on my arms, biting me over and over. I still remember distinctly the feeling of all those sharp stings, the cold panic, and the frantic effort to get them out from under my clothes.

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Thu Mar 18 17:03:28 2004 from dan

salvidor dali used ants as a symbol of decay. I thought it was on homage before I read your caption. :)

Mon Dec 12 15:21:38 2005 from Lope < lope_away at yahoo dot com >

Dali and ants.

Combinations (or The Combined DalHnian Phantasms, Ants, Keys, Nails), 1931

Ok, I got this quote about Dali from this site :

"One other childhood incident of note included a wounded bat. It was kept in Dali’s washhouse hideaway and stayed there overnight. When Dali returned to it was being devoured by a mass of ants. He impulsively bit into the seething mass delirious with pleasure."

I don't know if this is true - you never know with internet sources. But I got to say that that's a bit extreme. Interesting though.