Atlas of the Imagination
Montreal, September 2005

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There is a long history of imaginative map creation in our world - starting as early as the days of the great explorers like Columbus & Co. who put large bodies of land on maps that weren't actually there to modern day maps of space and the cosmos - embellished with colours and textures. The imaginative tradition continues as people make maps of love, success, the mind, and all sorts of human experience. Add your own link to an imaginative map on the web.

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Tue Nov 1 14:05:51 2005 from Lope < lope_away at yahoo dot com >

Here is an interesting map created in the 1920s called A Dog's Idea of the Ideal Country Estate by John Held Jr.

taken from this Duke magazine article.

Tue Nov 1 23:08:40 2005 from Marie < [email protected] >

It looks just like Tokyo's metro map...

Thu Dec 15 19:10:39 2005 from Marie < [email protected] >

I really enjoy looking at this picture, although I always thought my own imagination was way less organized, and way more twisted and mingled. I know what's missing: memory. We reconstruct our memories all the time to a point where they become very personal (and very disorted) constructs of our minds. Daniel Schacter's the reference in the field of distorted memory.