The Woman Who Wears Solar
Montreal, October 2005

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I have a deep seeded aversion to advertising, but in this case I feel strongly for the cause. So here solar industry, a bit of free advertising for you. You guys need everything you can get, you'll be fighting against the mammoth-sized marketing budgets of big oil and stodgy utility companies for a long time yet.

Solar energy always was the best source of energy for man - unfortunately it'll never become the one until we burn through most of our coal, uranium, oil, and gas. One of the vagaries of our capitalistic economy, we must exploit the cheapest sources of energy first, even if they are the dirtiest.

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Wed Nov 2 16:01:16 2005 from HenrietteĀ < [email protected] >

Of your new series, this is my favourite. great color combo, simple but strong, hints of Asia, bound to be copied as a logo for some company

Wed Apr 19 14:10:45 2006 from < [email protected] >

Wed Apr 19 14:14:34 2006 from

Nice stuff, enjoyed looking, thank you. You might be interested to know the phrase for your aversion is "deep SEATED." "Deep seeded "is an imaginative take on the phrase. Also, this response form posted without clicking as soon as email box was completed, which I did first since it was on the top. Sorry if you got that alone!

Tue Apr 25 19:03:52 2006 from LopeĀ < >

Yes, that would be due to my almost non-existent programming skills.

Thanks for the tip. Deep-seeded sounds so right though. "I have this feeling that has been seeded deep within myself...