1. In the Beginning
Montreal, Summer 2003

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Wed Jul 13 06:29:22 2005 from < [email protected] >

My emotional judgement is that this drawing is unique and original. The display of the struggle to achieve freedom is in its most crude form (crude as in fundamental and basic). This in my opinion is where expression binds with meaning. elaborate representations have less meaning when they elude a point of reference. Since a life starts in a struggle and continues to be so, I pass the judgement that this is a protrait of the basic struggle of existence in this life.

On the other hand, my mental and logic judgement is dissimilar to my emotional judgement.The reason is that the figure in the drawing is holding a hammer. The struggling human can't have started it's struggle from the beginning of his existence in the hard life represented by the rock engulfing him. The question is, how did he free his arm? Then, how did he get the hammer? This diverts my vision to another perspective. A vision where the man was caught in this rock and tried to free himself. However his efforts were not enough and he ended up being swallowed against his will.

These two ways of looking a broader vision to one snapshot of life. The truth of the beginning is still hiden but the current truth is that the struggle goes on. And I go on...

Mon Mar 27 16:57:34 2006 from

I see that man (mankind/humanity) was in the rock from the beginning and through pure effort once made a finger move. That finger finally was able to wear the rock away to free the hand which formed the hammer from the rock and started chiseling out the whole of man. With that much strength now free man will soon be separated from the rock whence he came and will be set loose to find his new way among the chaos of open space.