The Day Gravity Stopped
Montreal, August 2003

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There's no such thing as a law, like the law of gravity. Its just that we've never found an example to disprove it. For thousands of years all the swans that any European had seen had been white, so they took it as law that all swans were white. When they discovered Australia they discovered black swans, and the law was turned on its head.

Maybe one day all the oldest laws we believed in will be contradicted, and the world will plunge into chaos. When that happens, maybe we'll be able to see up girl's skirts too.

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Wed Apr 7 18:03:16 2004 from Zakman < [email protected] >

You do know what gravity is...don't you? It keeps you from flying off into the space... keeps you from falling off the earth!!

Sat May 28 15:25:39 2005 from Mert < [email protected] >

it seems like you've been painting my thoughts.. This is not the first picture that amazed me because it was just what i was thinking. If we look at the story from the other side we can conclude that seeing women's underskirts wouldn't have been something sexually desirable if there was no gravity ;) Keep up the good work bro!

Mon Sep 19 10:28:56 2005 from Lope

Mert - thanks for the comment. I think its great when someone makes an observation on these pictures that I haven't even noticed. That's what I'm hoping this site becomes; a few pictures that help generate and inspire streams of thought from visitors who share with their comments. A collective work of art. Admittedly it has been slow going - but hopefully eventually the site will get there.

Tue Apr 18 03:24:36 2006 from Truth505 < [email protected] >

Dude this pic is awesome. I been thinking about this since I was a little kid. Imagine if we lost gravity or what if a astriod just hit us out the blue!? what is blue a word Imagine not learning words and just see'ing things 4 what they are?! good stuff digging the pics