A Faceless Cubicle Worker Attains Enlightenment
Montreal, March 2004

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I like to draw halos around the people I draw. I've added a link to an essay I wrote called Halos in Western Art: From Horus to Jesus Christ to the X-Men . Check it out.

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Mon May 17 17:16:44 2004 from Adamina. < [email protected] >

Wow. Although I may not have yet reached the cubicle, this image poses a striking resemblance to my attained enlightenment- on this fine Monday afternoon-while delightfully discovering the workings of an artist in my midst. Why is it the people I find most interesting to be gay? As a female, all I can say is: damn. Oh yeah, if you happen to check this frequently, I'm Matt's sister and was at your place last night or the night before...who knows which day is which, but forgot to ask to you about your work. I think I got a pretty good look at it. Although I still need to look at that maze. Thanks a mill.

Thu Dec 9 11:46:44 2004 from cedarwaxwing < [email protected] >

I laughed when I saw it because it is exactly what used to happen to me when I was in a "cube". My 6' 2" office mate would stand up to say something to me, startling me in the process. We had many a laugh over it.

Mon Dec 12 15:57:41 2005 from Lope < lope_away at yahoo dot com >

Another picture of a cubicle I stumbled on.

And just when you think we're condemned to be prisoners of the cubicle forever someone does something creative and hilarious like this