The Unconventional Pool Players
Montreal, March 2004

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My friends and I used to go to a pool hall called Fats down the road. One day these guys were playing near us but they were incredibly drunk, daring each other to take the strangest shot possible. These usually involved standing on the table, other people's tables, shooting blind, backwards, etc. At first I was pissed off that they were wrecking the serious environment that usually caracterizes pool halls, but later I thought - what a fun and creative way to play pool.

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Sat Feb 18 20:41:05 2006 from MichaelĀ < [email protected] >

I hope you get to see Mr. Van Gogh's original of this sloppy copy at the Yale Art Museum.

Sun Mar 19 18:27:33 2006 from LopeĀ < lope_away at yahoo dot com >

All right, someone finally picked out the reference! Unfortunately - sigh - they didn't like it. A goodbadgoodbad moment.

Vincent Van Gogh - The Night Cafe with Pool Table