bio- or bi-

1. Life; living organism: biome.
2. Biology; biological: biophysics.

[Greek, from bios, life. See gwei- in Indo-European Roots.]

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Ok ok, enough of that joke. Originally I was hesitant to put up a bio because I like my privacy, but recently I've begun to think that saying something about myself might help you relate more to the work, and maybe convince you to add your thoughts to the melee that might one day become.

I was born in Canada back in 1978. Oh, and before we go any further, let me state for the record that I'm a guy. Some people have emailed thinking I'm a girl, which is very flattering too, but I hold no such card with that party. As a kid and through my teens our family moved like crazy all over the world, at one point I had been to seven new schools in seven years on three different continents. Art is a great way to avoid constantly having to make new friends, I quickly discovered. My parents helped encourage the art bug in me and it grew.

At one point in my life I was prodded to start thinking in a formal way about important stuff such as: careers, the future, blah blah blah and as a result chose to follow the business/finance/real world/$$$ route rather than the artistic path. I am now like most people out there - a 9-5er confined to one of many floors in one of many office towers in one of the many large cities dotting our world. Luckily I ended up in Montreal - one of the most beautiful of the large cities dotting our world.

As much as I tried to stamp the pesky art bug out of my system, it would not go. This has been a real problem for me since it means I must come home from a long day's work, flop down in front of the T.V., and begin to draw.

I took the name Lope because I like it - much easier to spell and quicker to write than my real name. Far sexier too. This website is an attempt to connect with the vast outside world. I would like it to become a collective work of art that functions a little like this: I leave a picture, you leave a thought, which spurs other people to leave their thoughts, which gives me the idea for another picture, which inspires you to leave another thought. In the end, you own it as much as I do.


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