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The Main Art Gallery

The images in the main gallery are displayed in chronological order by creation date, starting with the newest and ending in the oldest. Feel free to take a look, leave comments, photoblog, and share with your friends.

Cubicle Revolution
My Checkered Sofa (& the Sudanese)
Temporary Hunting Camp
The Desert Flower
Guide to Cloud Backpacking
The Oil Eaters
The Superior Species
The Ball Always Rolls
How's the Ride?
Life of Pi
Apple Stickers
A Vast Need for Scarce Space
Sex in Strange Places
Atlas of the Imagination
The Woman Who Wears Solar
The Stuggle
Les éoliennes
Peacefulness to Hate and Back
Big People Small People
Diagram: How to Stop Time
Thinking Outside the Box
Underneath the City
The Urine Economy
Nap at the Edge of the World
Limits of Imagination
Montréalais attendent la fin de l'hiver
I am a... ;)
allerbmU treseD ehT
Imagining not Working
Yonic City
Ice Shark, Green Clouds etc.
Flower Messiah
The Intelligent Slacker
Peanuts over a 12 Hour Period
Samurai Girl
What is the Thing-in-Itself?
Last Joint with MB
The Spot on My Bathroom Mirror
Socks on Floor at Night
Lope Yukon
Infinite Variables One Choice
Whisps of Imagination
The Philosophy Babies
The Outsider
All We'll See of Each Other
Horny Girl
Museum Wall After Closing Time
Vincent's Ear
A Worker Attains Enlightenment
The Unconventional Pool Players
The Introvert
Montreal Night
Strange World
What Does Art Mean?
The Power Within
Last Man Standing
I Will Not Be Categorized
1001 Breasts
On the Third Day
George Loves Saddam
Silly Life
A Picture Tells 1000 Words
Watching the World Pass By
Grass is Greener/Road Less Travelled
Bottled Up
..his monitor slowly consumed him
He Could Have What He Drew
Walk the Thin Line
1.In the beginning...
The Day Gravity Stopped
Don't Say It
Choose Your Path Now
21st C. Woman
Natural Woman
7:30 AM Monday
5:30 PM Tuesday
Attack Iraq
The Missing Idea
She Longs for Silence
9 Muses
The Lookers: 24 Hours a Day
Drifting Domesticity I
Drifting Domesticity II
Reality, Created for You!
Nun's Island
The Choice
Crazy Daisy
A Picture of Self Control
Three Test Tubes
Why There Will Be No Revolution
Vantage from Ceiling
A Night Out at Sona
The Sexes
Mona Lisa Simplified
I See Patterns
Join the Organ
We Will Not Be Stifled
Still Life 2001
Merry Christmas
Welcome to the Floor
A Long Cigarette at Dusk
The Truth
Shine Through
Swirl Girl
Flower at Night
Unique Woman
Everything is the Same
Black Ants
Woman Man Cave & End of World
Reduction to Black & White
My Beard
Alligator Face
Dream Forest
Cloud Jumping
Coming Up For Air
Roots& Pipes
Fish Hunt

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
Lope \Lope\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. loped; p. pr. & vb. n. Loping][See Leap.]
1. To leap; to dance. [Prov. Eng.] ``He that lopes on the ropes.''--Middleton.
2. To move with a lope, as a horse. [U.S.]

continuum of speed, from the OA Guide to Animal Tracking
stalk-->slow walk-->walk-->trot-->bound-->lope-->gallop

from Moving on Mars: An Overview, by Rony Kubat
"In reduced gravity, humans exhibit a third gait: the lope. Newman et al [7] defines the lope as a run with an extended aerial phase. Humans were found to lope in 3/8ths G in a wide range of speeds from ~ 1.5m/s to ~ 2.3m/s. When loping, people stand on their toes when in the stance phase of a stride."

description of the wolf Buck, from Jack London's Call of the Wild
"He broke into the long easy lope, and went on, hour after hour, never at loss for the tangled way, heading straight home through strange country with a certitude of direction that put man and his magnetic needle to shame."

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