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December 15, 2005. The buy prints section has been expanded and now includes six pieces. These are hand made reproductions of the originals.

November 20, 2005. I've started a blog , which will be replacing the works in progress page. The blog will show my work in progress, provide a forum for talking about art, the internet, culture, and anything else of interest. Come check it out! The blog has commenting capabilities to help encourage dialogue. In addition to the blog, I've added the writing/other page . This page contains non-art projects I've worked on, including writing and other websites.

November 1, 2005. For the first time, I'm putting out a small limited edition of hand-painted prints. Click here to see the details. The image for which these prints are available - 7:30 AM Monday - has always been a favorite of site visitors.

October 18, 2005. The Art Gallery of Renewable Energy is up and running. This online gallery contains all the art work I've been able to find on the net that deals with energy, in particular solar and wind. Come see what artists are doing with these technologies, its very beautiful to see.

October 6, 2005. Check out works in progress . This will be the most dynamic part of www.lope.ca, showing the artistic process from conception to completion. Stripping away the hood, body, and doors of art to see the bare naked chassis - so to say. I hope to update it several times a week, up to the point that it starts to affect my work.

October 1, 2005. Check out lope themes , a new way to navigate the site. Pictures are grouped under various themes - depending on your mood, choose from psychology , men & women , or flowers , among many others.

September 2005 . I travelled to Japan and Korea with my girlfriend this summer - a great trip. Black and white ink painting is huge in that part of the world. I got some ideas from the styles I saw and hope to add them into future pictures.

When I got back I found that my entire comments feature had been down for at least 3 months. Its makes me upset to think that a lot of the comments that should be on the pictures aren't because of this error. After all, the goal of this site is to be a constantly evolving work of art - you leaving your comments, me leaving my pictures. Anyways, it has been fixed and I have learnt.

April 10, 2005. Did some spring cleaning. Nothing really earth-shattering, but I updated the website to use CSS. Now I can control the colours much better. Used to be red and grey, now its orange and blue. Nice?

February 2005. Added a french intro and a bio . As I improve my french, I hope to include more french titles for my pictures.

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