The work in progress blog and will be updated as often as possible. It tries to demystify the artistic process and show how an idea progresses from initial conception to development to completion. Its also an experiment. If as I'm drawing you see a another way to do things or something worth suggesting, send me an email . Kind of like artistic collaboration. No guarantees I'll listen though ;)
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November 16, 2005 Here is a close up of a few of the PLU stickers I'm going to draw on the apple. The theme is the good and the bad of the future - 'cause in the future apples will be loaded up with propaganda, ads, warnings, public service announcements, advice, and more. Any ideas? Come on, you've got to have some.

November 16, 2005 Here is my initial sketch of the apple. This'll be a fun one to do.

Now why do groceries use apple stickers? According to the BCTree Fruits , website " At one time, grocery retailers would only sell apple varieties that could be sold for the same price to consumers. Too often, the clerks in stores were not familiar enough with the apple varieties to be able to distinguish one apple from another. That severely limited our ability to sell some of the more exotic and exciting new apple varieties coming onto the market. With the introduction of P.L.U.(product look up) code labels on our apples, more varieties of apples are becoming available at grocery stores. PLU stickers clearly indicate the variety and price code for each apple, alleviating the confusion at the check out stand".

So there you go. Don't I always teach you something interesting? ;)

November 15, 2005 I grabbed an apple two weeks ago and was about to take a big juicy bite when I saw an apple sticker on it. Damn! Not only that - there were two apple stickers. This gave me a good idea for a drawing. Why not three stickers on an apple, why not four, five, six, ten, a hundred? And if an apple had a hundred stickers on it, what would these stickers say?

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