People are fascinating. Why do we think the things we do? What thought processes do we use? What mistakes do we make? How drastically can we change? How different are we from each other, how similiar? I don't have any formal education in the subject - but is that necessary? We all have psychology phd's - we earn them in our normal day to day relations with people. Almost every picture on is of people, but the ones below delve furthest into psychology and personality. Related themes: philosophy and despair .

Atlas of the Imagination
Peacefulness to Hate and Back
Limits of Imagination
What is the Thing-in-Itself?
Infinite Variables One Choice
The Philosophy Babies
Whisps of Imagination
All We'll See of Each Other
The Introvert
Bottled Up
7:30 AM Monday
The Missing Idea
She Longs for Silence
The Lookers: 24 Hours a Day
Crazy Daisy
A Picture of Self Control

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