pure black and white work

When I was younger I was a comic fanatic. Thus a lot of my earlier work was in the pen and ink style of comic books. Though I've been moving away from creating comics I still love black and white - its much more challenging to render something in just two colours than in many. There's also a certain mood that colours can never convey, only black and white art can. Below are some of the better black and white pieces on www.lope.ca. Related themes: red, black, and white and yellow * black

A Vast Need for Scarce Space
The Stuggle
Imagining not Working
Limits of Imagination
Socks on Floor at Night
Samurai Girl
Infinite Variables One Choice
Walk the Thin Line
1. In the beginning...
She Longs for Silence
The Missing Idea
Nun's Island
The Choice
Unique Woman
Reduction to Black & White
Black Ants
My Beard
Alligator Face
Dream Forest
Cloud Jumping
Fish Hunt

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