the system[work]

The system weighs down on all of us. We feel its clammy breath closest as we groan under the strain of countless tasks assigned by those higher up in the system, or when walking down the narrow rut the system forces us into, or when a bum asks for some change but we can only shake our heads. Only individual strength, creativity, initiative, and the guidance of wise people can help us, though we often need to be reminded of these things. Related themes: money and political and social .

The Stuggle
Big People Small People
Thinking Outside the Box
Imagining not Working
The Intelligent Slacker
The Outsider
A Worker Attains Enlightenment
I Will Not Be Categorized
Silly Life
Walk the Thin Line
7:30 AM Monday
Drifting Domesticity I
Drifting Domesticity II
Why There Will Be No Revolution
Join the Organ
We Will Not Be Stifled
Welcome to the Floor
Shine Through

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